The first CZ 75 and Colt 1911 sets of the "Tribute to Legends" edition will be auctioned from 15 to 22 February.

Limited Edition, 100-Piece

A unique, 100 piece limited edition of the legendary Czech pistol that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Czech Republic's highest state decoration.

Blockchain Authenticated

The world’s first firearm authenticated through blockchain technology. Introducing a new standard in safety and trust.

Expertly Handcrafted

Decoration of the CZ 75 ORDER OF THE WHITE LION was undertaken by one of the world's top gun engravers, Master Engraver Rene Ondra, who has been transforming CZ products into highly prized works of art for three decades.


We are proud to announce the CZ 75 ORDER OF THE WHITE LION will be the world's first blockchain-authenticated firearm, which provides both digital proof of ownership and the assurance of authenticity of this unique collectible, thus increasing its value.

We would like to thank the winner and all the others who participated in the auction of this unique pistol made by Ceska zbrojovka. Those interested in purchasing the CZ 75 Order of the White Lion can participate in the auction of the White Lion vouchers enabling the purchase of the physical pistols.

Sale started in December 2022 through an auction which runs exclusively through this website.

The first CZ 75 Order of the White Lion pistol and at the same time the first-ever handgun authenticated through blockchain technology was auctioned off for 850,000 CZK for the benefit of the Endowment Fund of the President of the Republic Ing. Milos Zeman. This fund supports non-governmental facilities providing children with temporary family care instead of institutional care.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the auction run?

Each auction runs for 7 days, with a grace period at the end of the auction.

What is the auction grace period?

A ten-minute grace period will be added to the auction to stop people from bidding wars in the last few seconds. This means that the auction time will be extended by ten minutes after a bid is placed in the last ten minutes of the auction. The auction will be complete when there are no more bids in the final ten minutes of the auction.

Why is the auction done in batches?

The Colt CZ Group limited edition pistols are manufactured by hand and will be placed on auction in batches to align with the manufacturing timing.

Can I choose my serial number?

Each serial number will be auctioned separately, allowing you to bid for your preferred number(s).

Can I bid on multiple Right to Purchase Vouchers?

Yes, you can bid on any amount of Right to Purchase Vouchers.

What is the minimum bid?

A minimum bid (reserve price) is set at the beginning of each auction, and is displayed on the each of the items available for auction.

What is the minimum increment?

The minimum increment for each new bid is 20 €.

What additional charges are added to my final bid?

Final bids made are exclusive of any taxes that may apply for digital goods under local country regulations, including but not limited to sales VAT based on the customer’s location. Applicable taxes will be added to fees charged by the Marketplace (e.g., if buyer is based in Czech Republic, the standard 21% VAT is applicable) and are the sole responsibility of the Seller and Buyer in accordance with the terms of sale.